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"Jacqueline has an amazing gift at making you feel better about yourself no matter what you have been through, believe me after a few sessions YOU WILL turn your life around, I cannot recommend her enough."

"Having ReAlign's support throughout my time of need, my life has definitely got back on track. If you ever need to contact someone - ReAlign are the people, no matter how big or small your issues are. Whether is was a short phone call session or a face to face meeting, ReAlign listened"

"With Sam's Help and support my family are still together, at times it felt like I had mucked everything up, that I was a terrible Mum - Not anymore. My kids are happy, doing well at school, we aren't perfect, but we are together and we are happy."

"The advice and knowledge of Sam blew me away. I didn't know about strategies and how they can help me cope to maintain the life I want. In times I felt invisible, ReAlign allowed me to be seen and heard and express myself"

"My work life is hectic working in London, but Re-Align catered to all my needs. Both Jaq's and Sam allowed me to express my childhood trauma without any judgement, I was offered long term solutions which I will carry for life. "

"Struggling with challenging behaviour from my children was affecting my ability to focus on work and life in general. I felt like it was impossible to make any changes, but ReAlign gave me the support and strategies to help me feel empowered to put in boundaries and stick to them, we all made changes and life is a lot easier now". 


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