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Terms and Conditions

We know the important stuff can be tedious to read, but please be aware of all our Terms and Conditions before booking. 

Operating Hours - ReAlign's operating hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. All contact will be made during these hours. 

Out of hours - Any contact made by clients out of ReAligns operating hours will not be returned until the professionals are back in the office. 

Payment - All payments of plans will be paid upfront. Any extra fees will be sent via invoice to the client. When completing payment, Clients need to tick the box to show they have understood the full Terms & Conditions. 


Consultation - Every new client will be required to book a Consultation as it is an integral part of ReAlign and will happen before any support plan is made. Clients are not required to stay on for a programme if they do not feel ReAlign is the right service. No refund for this consultation will be given. 

Cancellation Policy - To cancel any session you need to provide a mimimum of 24 hours notice to ReAlign UK. Failure to do so will result in the full session fee being payable and your card held on file will be charged and a receipt sent via email. Please note: Please do not presume that your session is cancelled, even if requested within the required time frame until you have received confirmation via email. 

No Show - Clients who fail to attend any session without prior contact will be treated in the same manner as a cancellation. Two consecutive fail to attends will trigger a review of our support and our future working relationship. If this review finds we can no longer continue our programme will end, no refund will be given and no future support will be provided. 

Refund Policy - Due to the nature of our programmes, there is a strict no refund policy, we offer a rearrangement for appointments in line with our cancellation policy.


Fee of Rearrangements -  Every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of a client who cannot attend and makes appropriate contact. However, due to schedules and volume of work, this may not be possible within the same working week. We ask that you work with us to try and rebook your session within the same week and we reserve the right to charge a full session fee if we feel this isnt happening. Appointments being rearranged continuously causes disruption and ultimately could negatively affect the way we work with our clients. We will of course try our best to understand when there are issues outside of your control.  

Card Payments - ReAlign's Fee's will be paid via Card Payments. The information collected during payments will be stored under strict software. Charges will only be made when a client is informed and consent to such collection of Payment. Billing details will be taken and stored for 12months and will be destroyed once a client becomes inactive/no longer requires

ReAligns services. Invoices will be sent to clients with outstanding payments and the card details stored will be used to charge payment, when the client consents. 

Safe-guarding - ReAlign UK is legally obliged by the Children's Act 1989 to share any information regarding a Child's safety. If a practitioner of ReAlign has concerns surrounding a child's/vulnerable young person's safety 0r welfare, Realign will share information with the Local Authority, Children's Social Care, NSPCC and/or Police Services. (Depending on the Nature of Concern).


Reporting Concerns - As stated by, Sharing of information must always be considered and should be proportionate to the sensitivity of the information and circumstances. If it is thought to have been a crime committed and/or a child is at immediate risk, the Police will be notified immediately. All professionals within ReAlign will maintain regular safeguarding training. 

NDA - There will be a strict NDA policy for all of our clients set in place.  

Data Protection - All information given within any consolation will be protected under the Data Protection Act 1989. 

Holiday - Existing clients will be sent an out-of-office alerts via email communication during public or personal holidays. Much like out of hours, no contact will be made until back in the office (special circumstances apply). 

Refresh Sessions - During refresh sessions, the phone call may be carried out by one professional rather than both. The client can not choose whom they wish the session to be with. 

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