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Welcome to Re-Align UK.

We understand that life can present challenges that may feel overwhelming. Whether you're an individual seeking support or a company looking to assist your staff, we offer a safe and discreet space for you to share your concerns.

Our expertise lies in creating practical action plans that bring clarity and balance to your life. If this resonates with you, we encourage you to reach out to us. We treat all inquiries confidentially, simply complete the contact form below, and we'll respond promptly.






What can we help with?


At ReAlign, we offer a bespoke service encompassing over 20 years of experience in supporting people with the following:


  •         Traumatic harmful childhood experiences

  •         Risk of Family Breakdown 

  •         Attachment and Boundaries Issues

  •         Social Skills

  •         Emotional literacy 

  •         Parenting support

  •         Accessing Education

  •         Healthy relationships

Therapists are for your past, Coaches are for your future,

ReAlign is for the now


How we can help

We offer tailored support with complete discretion, providing a safe space



Understanding that even though some things are awful, with the right support, talking about and processing experiences begin the journey of recovery


Support with implementing boundaries and developing routines


Understanding triggers, how experiences in our past can sabotage the present

Image by Andrew Karn


Life is hard for parents today and can be overwhelming with social media and friendships.  We can use our decades of expertise working with children, teenagers and families to get your family back on track.

Relationships with parents, siblings and relatives can be bewildering, ReAlign can help you navigate those ever-changing family dynamics.



            Need to make a life changes choice?

We can support you in looking at the whole picture, empowering you to make the right decision for you. 

At times we all need some support when it comes to our working relationships, whether a parent, manager, partner or part of a team, we can help manage those tricky work dynamics.

Every New Day Is A Chance To Start Again.
Why choose us as your team?

Between us as professionals, there is no issue too big or small we have not seen or done. 

Even if it seems too much and that no one would understand, let today be the day you take the first step to be free of the pain of the past and start living your true authentic self. 

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Client 7


Client 7


Client 7


Client Testimonials

"ReAlign focus on your wellbeing while affectively getting to the root of your problem. During my consultations they were considerate of circumstances all while helping fully understand the nature of the cause "

Confidential Client 

"I recommended and referred one of my clients to ReAlign. My Client couldn't express enough how much ReAlign effectively worked with them to find life long solutions and long term help. If you want change in your life, ReAlign is who you need"

Confidential Client

"After going through trauma for 15 years, ReAlign came at the right time. They were discreet through the duration of my time with them. ReAlign worked around my busy schedule and travelled to me when I needed them. They advocate change for the better and I couldn't agree more"

Confidential Client

Contact us to start your journey

We will be in touch soon to start your journey

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